Dr Kate Jackson

Executive Masters of Public Administration, PhD.

Dr Kate Jackson has been at the forefront of aged-care mental health policy and planning, and other key areas of mental health policy for the NSW Ministry of Health, for over 10 years. Kate led the development and implementation of the NSW Service Plan for Specialist Mental Health Services for Older People 2005–2015 – the first and only plan of its kind in Australia – and has played a critical role in developing other key NSW mental health and aged-care policies, including the NSW Community Mental Health Strategy (2007) and NSW Dementia Plan (2000). Kate’s key skills include high-level strategy, policy and planning, writing and analysis, and stakeholder management.

Kate won the University Medal for her PhD in History at the University of Sydney, the Young Tall Poppy Award from the Institute of Public Administration for her Masters of Public Administration, and a number of awards for her policy and project work, including a 2011 THEMHS award for the NSW Positive Living in Aged Care mental health promotion project.