Dr Tristram Duncan


Dr Tristram Duncan is a practising Consultant Psychiatrist in central New South Wales. Starting his professional career as a Registered Nurse, he went on to study medicine at Newcastle University, and spent a number of years in General Practice training prior to transferring across and completing Psychiatry. He has been involved in many novel projects, including the Mental Health Emergency Care Rural Access Project (MHEC-RAP) and The Mental Health Rural Outreach Service (MH ROS).

Tristram has a particular interest in the interface between clinical practice and management systems, with a focus on producing economic and managerial efficiencies while maintaining a high level of clinician and consumer outcomes and satisfaction. Considering the current pressures on our regional and national economic climate, it is understandable that changes need to be made to current practices and processes. Part of Tristram’s role is to ensure that this can occur without disadvantages to the consumer.