All our team members have over the course of their careers held a variety of clinical and senior roles in various service environments. The awards below represent a sample of some the exceptional work in service planning, evaluation and implementation that were led by members of our team during previous periods of employment with other organisations. This work does not represent projects auspiced by Kumano Consulting Pty Ltd, rather, it highlights the practical, ‘real life’ experience and the commitment to excellence in service provision by members of our team.


  • Minister for Health Award for Excellence 2012: Supported Education for Youth Experiencing Mental Illness.
  • International Arts and Health Award, Canberra.


  • Minister’s Award for Excellence: Aboriginal Health Education Award.
  • The Mental Health Services Silver Award: Mental Health Emergency Care – Rural Access Program.
  • Enterprise and Resourcefulness Award: NSW Aboriginal Health Program.


  • The Mental Health Services Gold Achievement Award: Aboriginal Workforce Development Program.
  • Minister’s Award for Excellence in Provision of Mental Health Services: Mental Health Emergency Care – Rural Access Program.
  • The Mental Health Services Silver Achievement Award: Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid Training.
  • NSW Health Award, Creating Better Journeys, Access Award: Mental Health Emergency Care – Rural Access Program.
  • NSW Health Award for Early Intervention: Cool Kids, anxiety and depression prevention program.


  • Premier’s Gold Achievement Award: Integrated Psychiatry Program.


  • NSW Premier’s Silver Award: Aboriginal Mental Health Workforce Program.

Awards acquired by Kumano team members or programs led by Kumano team members.